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Suitcases for travel: Suitcase upright for ultimate travel convenience.

Approximately 1.5 million people fly daily in the U.S. alone. ( Believe it or not, some people actually obtain the elite 10 million-mile frequent flyer’s club like Ryan Bingham (played by George Clooney) in “Up in the Air”.  If you are a seasoned or a first time flier, you will need to bring your things.  A suitcase upright is the easiest to use through the airports when considering suitcases for travel.

As an average male traveler seeking suitcases for travel, a single suitcase upright to carry on or check in accommodates my needs for at least 2 weeks.  However, the average female traveler may require more than one suitcase upright for a long weekend or a full week.

This blog lists some pros and cons of the TravelPro suitcase, JanSport suitcase, Kipling suitcase, Heys suitcase, Rimowa suitcase and the Victorinox suitcase to help you choose the right suitcase upright for your destination.  The snapshot prices shown are typically for a 22″ carryon bag.

70% off JanSportSuitcase Upright

Suitcase Upright

JanSport Suitcase: made in UK, offers florals, plaids and solids in earthtone colors in 2 styles: Footlocker $70, polyester, only 1 pocket, Expandable $77 polyester with 2″ extra fabric for overloading and one added color, chocolate chip dots.  100% of customer reviews for JanSport are favorable.

70% off TavelProTravelPro Suitcase upright

5-Star Rating

TravelPro Suitcase: made in China, offers many styles: Maxlite $78, red or black, lightweight nylon, practical.  Walkabout $84, 1680 black denier nylon with attractive silver trim, practical, Executive $160, black ballistic nylon, for business, Crew 7 $151, micro ballistic nylon with teflon in black, rose or chestnut, new and attractive, Platinum 6 $262, blue, red or black, ultimate in quality with a free lifetime warranty.  The T-Pro style is a closeout, so currently you can find great bargains on this lightweight nylon bag in green or red with silver trim.  Only 60% of customer reviews for TravelPro are favorable.

Suitcases for Travel: Suitcase Upright

Kipling Suitcase: made in USA, offers a 3″ expandable, 420 denier nylon suitcase in 5 colors: black, brown, red, warm stone, aqua and blue, $165.  Beautiful colors and the 3″ expansion is sweet for overpacking your suitcases for travel.  100% of customer reviews for Kipling are favorable.

The first three companies offer the soft sided suitcase upright with standard pull handles, 2 wheels, corner guards, zippers and extra bag straps.  The following three companies offer hard side, polycarbonate composite suitcases for travel, and 4 wheel systems or spinners, for gliding your suitcases for travel through the narrow airplane aisles, and TSA designed combination locks for the maximum security, yet allows TSA easy access to your suitcase upright.

Heys ExoticSuitcase for travel

Zebra Spinner

Heys Disney LineKids Travel Suitcase

Kids Travel Suitcase

Heys Suitcase: USA or Canada offers wildly Exotic suitcases for travel, $115, giraffe, leopard, zebra, snakeskin and others in the business line with 2 oversized wheels for smooth rolling.  The Britto line ($  ) offers bold & beautiful multicolor cases in 3 designs: butterfly, landscape and floral. Their Eco-Friendly line ($  ) is made of recycled material, 10 colors including pastels, Crown Edition offers a luxurious interior and metallic finish, and the new Dual line offers a separate, non-lockable, easily accessible pocket similar to soft side suitcases for travel.  Finally, they offer beautiful, hard sided Disney designs for yourkids suitcase. customer reviews reveal that Heys suitcases scratch easily, so they introduced a scratch resistant finish.

Suitcase Upright Suitcase for travel

Rimowa Suitcase: made in Germany, 5 yr. warranty, $390, offers the Salsa line: indestructible polycarbonate case in silver, black or tan, the Limbo line: midnight blue or black with silver trim, polycarbonate case with aluminum frame, and the Topas line: a parallel folded Aluminum case with rubber seals for humidy and temperature control in any environment.  According to an customer reviews, this luggage is not indestructible, but may have been a manufacturing defect.

VictorinoxOfficer's Trunk

Sale on Victorinox

Victorinox Suitcase: Swiss Army Collection: military inspired, made in USA with lifetime warranty offers  Tallux: $160, soft side, 2″ expandable, bronze or blue, E-Werks Traveler (soft side): $279, monopole handle, black, red, blue and green, Werks Traveler (hard side): $359, aluminum with monopole handle, red or black, Mobilizer (soft side): $319, 2.5″ expandable, red, black or khaki,  Mobilizer (hard side): $319, aluminum with dual trolley handle, red or black.  Very favorable 77% positive reviews for Victorinox on customer reviews.

You will need to decide on a suitcase upright that fits your needs and preferences: hard or soft side: hard is more durable and expensive, but can show scratches, soft has varying qualities of fabrics; dual or monopole handle: dual is typically more stable, but mono is sleek looking; size: ranging mostly from 22 to 30 inches for the long dimension, 22″ is typically the largest carry on, the smaller expandable styles allow overstuffing; color: consider something readily identifiable; and price.  Amazon typically has the best deals. CLICK HERE for Amazon’s best sellers…including American Tourister, Samsonite, Susan G. Komen, Delsey and Eagle Creek.

Suitcases for travel...suitcase offers best sellers at deep discounts as well: JanSport, Heys, Rimowa, and many other brands.  They offer a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee, FREE Shipping, and over 70% off on various suitcases for travel including the upright suitcase. Just search by name brand or suitcase!

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