Suitcases For Travel: 21 Suitcase.

Approximately 1.5 million people fly per day in the U.S. alone. ( It’s hard to imagine, but some people actually obtain the elite 10 million-mile frequent flyer’s club like Ryan Bingham (played by George Clooney) in “Up in the Air”.  If you are a seasoned or first time flier, you will still need to pack your things.  If you are able to pack into a 21 suitcase, your travels will be much easier at the airport than checking in anything larger than a 21″ suitcase.

Although using a 21 suitcase is an easy way to travel, it typically only accommodates people with light travel needs: maybe 1-3 days. Otherwise, you may need to check in additional suitcases to supplement your 21 suitcase. Either way, if you’re shopping for 21 suitcase today, you will save time and money with this review.

First, choose which of 3 types of 21 suitcase: rolling carryon, backpack or duffel. Next, shop and review suitcase deals at both and to compare pricing before you buy your 21 suitcase…be sure to factor in DAILY DISCOUNTS and FREE SHIPPING at and Finally, choose your favorite 21 suitcase deal and have it shipped to your door:

Atlantic Compass21

4-W Spinner

London Fog21

2 Wheel Oxford

American Tourister21

2-Wheel ILite

Most popular 21 suitcase: rolling carryons: offers these 8 styles of the 21 suitcase with 5-star reviews at huge discounts. Be sure to consider: 4-wheel spinners to glide sideways through the narrow airplane aisles, hardside for extra protection, expandable to overstuff, and color for easy identification.


2-W Expands

Travelers Choice21

2-W Hardside

Beverly Hills21

2-W Capistrano

Liz Claiborne21

2-W Chelsea

Other popular 21 suitcase includes: SkywayMother LodeDelseySusan G. KomanSusan G. KomenSusan G. Koman, Rick StevesBriggs and RileyCalvin KleinDiane Von FurstenbergDiane Von FurstenbergDiane Von FurstenbergTommy HilfigerLeSportsacIZODKathy Von ZeelandLike Luggage Dots Mine™ 21Heys 21"DashZero HalliburtonPopular 21 luggageMore 21" BackpacksHartmannHartmann Luggage 21